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    After two years, Simulator World Build returns as a great project, with the ambition of becoming the biggest and most complete existing top down asset, but it cannot be born ready, this asset intends to be created by the community and by the needs of the developers, so my plan is to update this asset from now until our goal is as long as possible.

    What are we including in this one-time purchase? a lot, let's start with the environment and tiles.

    - In this pack we will include essential environments for the development of your game, such as spring forests, different levels with different designs for caves, building interiors, and all this with tons of variations, and here is our focus, variation, we know that creating an entire game with store-bought assets is not always ideal, there is always the possibility of bumping into someone who had the same idea, and how to solve it? creating variations and assets that are easily edited, so with that in mind, let's create environments with reduced palettes and keeping in mind the possibility for the buyer to change as much as possible.

    But what about the character?

    - You'll see our plans to recreate the character later, but what do we have to say now? our character has the essential animations to use the current tools, he can run, use weapons and tools, but this is just the beginning, you must have already found a lot of base characters out there, but maybe you don't have the time to edit their clothes so, in addition to creating a base character and editable clothing, we will also create a variety of uniquely designed armor and clothing fully animated in parts for the character, chest, legs, gloves, boots, helmets and back, all of which within that same asset. 

In addition to environments and characters!

    - let's create an icon for each element present in the asset, from trees to enemies, each element present in this pack will get a smaller version of approximately 24x24 that represents this element, to be used in menu and inventory, in addition to many other icons that are related to elements not present, An example? imagine that you cut down a tree, we have an icon for the log, which will be processed in the locksmith shop, and will be transformed into sawdust, barbs and boards, which can be used for craft.

    After this information you must ask yourself, why buy this package now? if perhaps it is not yet in the final form? the answer is simple, the updates of this package are the result of my effort alone, and how much time can I put to work, by purchasing this package now, you guarantee access to everything that is added in the future at no cost, and at the same time encourage me to continue, it's your decision, your support is critical at the end of the day.

    Here I created a roadmap of what to expect for the end of this month, let's talk a little about some things

    Icons and tools: 

    - Reworking the sprites of existing icons and tools in the package and adding the icons of newly added elements.

    New Crops:

    - Add new plantations and fruit trees, as well as new elements related to plantations, such as  hoses, fertilizers and decorative items such as wheelbarrow, large seed bags and others

    Character Rework: 

    - The complete character rework adding 4 directions to all existing animations, adding base outfits, new animations for interacting with tools and attacks, hair and adding two body models 

    New Environment: 

    - For the next environment we are working in a closed forest of extremely long pine trees, and with that we will also add snow to the existing environments, thus creating a new season.

what do we already have in our pack currently? list updated

Animated character: Base 23x40 Px

- Walk 

- use tool

- use weapon

- die

- Idle

environment: Base 16x16 Px

- Spring Forest

- 5 Crops with life cycle

- Cave

- Building blocks for outdoors and indoors

- Icons 24x24 Px

we currently have almost 200 sprites in the package

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Tags16x16, 2D, Characters, farm, Farming, Pixel Art, Sprites, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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The pack seems to be missing the icon set. None of the sprites in the image above the character image are included in the .zip file.

I LOVE this art style and I would like to see more of it! What is here is absolutely beautiful...but it is very bare bones (no up/down tool animations or animated water tiles for example). For the price, I would love to see it grow into something more fleshed out.

thank you very much for the feedback, probably the icons were left out of the folder in the final version, I will send a new version including these folders

very stardew valley.

I'm very glad to see the latest updates you sent. To be honest, I really need the updated content you introduced later. It will certainly be worth it if it can be steadily updated.


thank you very much, I hope you join discord and share what you think should be added to the package, this package will grow according to the demands of the developers, so if you need something specific, please share.


Does this come in a 48x48 tileset size?



tiles are based on 16x16  or multiple, items are in 32x32.

Thanks for your response.  We are making games out of lots of your tiles we already bought...

I don't understand your reply.  They are 16x16, I understand that but does that mean 32x32 and 48x48 are included?


it is possible to fit the tiles in order to create 48x48 tiles, but they were not made natively at that size. I'm glad my assets are being useful, I hope to be able to see your projects in the future

Is there any video showing the asset? or the character animations?

We are working to create something like that, thank you very much for the comment.


This reminds me of stardew valley! This is awesome!  

what is the native tile size for this set?

the tiles are 16x16 and multiples of that, the icons are 24x24 just like the basic ui, the examples were created at 400x400 pixels.