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this asset includes over 400 sprites for creating underground prison and dungeon environments

Legacy Fantasy is a huge collection of assets for creating fantasy platform environments, completely free for commercial use and editions, in constant expansion, this pack contains several tiles for different environments.

To increase the pack with new elements, feedback is essential, if you like the project and want to contribute with new ideas, enter discord


  • Dungeon and prisoin Assets

Mob - Skeleton:
  • Idle
  • Attack
  • Hit
  • Death
  • Run
  • Walk

A free character complementary to this asset can be downloaded free of charge by clicking Here 

  • Level 1 warrior character
    • Run (8 Frames)
    • Idle (4 Frames)
    • 2 Atack (8 Frames)
    • Start Jump (4 Frames)
    • Air Jump (8 Frames)
    • End Jump (4 Fames)
    • Die (8 Frames)

the character will be constantly updated with additions of new animations as well as the environment also receives new props and tiles, so if you have an animation idea leave a comment or join the discord group

we have a huge range of assets that work very well with high forest and here you can find some of them if you are interested:

Legacy Fantasy - Complete Collection

Legacy Vl.1

purchasing these assets grants you access to them and all future updates, and we are planning to add a lot to these assets, such as new enemies and unique characters for each one.

for feedback and suggestions, access the networks below

 Discord  Patreon  Twitter

All assets here are totally free for commercial use, studies or editing. Credits are optional but appreciated.

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Tagsassets, castle, dungeon, Dungeon Crawler, free, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Tilemap, Tileset


Get this asset pack and 16 more for $20.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
40% Off
$10.00 $6.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Legacy Fantasy - Castle 3 MB

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Thank you for this asset! I used it in my new mobile game THE RISE OF ABELOTH! Download it for FREE and let me know what you think!



Hello! Awesome collection!

Is there a place where we can get the skeleton with the bow?

Are you planning to release this skeleton?

Yes, in the next few weeks

(1 edit)

Hello Anokolisa.

I have been using your free assets for a while now for educational purposes, and i just bought the full pack to support you. Goal is to teach IT to middle schools students using Godot Engine, they really love it.

Do you have any updates maybe regarding this enemy - or any new enemy at all :) ? My students really love your work, and can't wait to have more to work with !

Same question for the main character : anything planned in the future to extend the possibilities ? Like a dash animation, or a "level 2" character as it's tagged "level 1" ^^ ?

Thank you again for your awesome work from France !

yes, lots of plans for legacy fantasy this year, new enemies (at least 5 for each pack) and new heroes, at least one model for each pack, but that should still take about two months to start

That's good news !

Can't wait to see what your next work is.

Thank you for creating awesome assets!

I used this tile set in world 4 of my first Unity game that’s now on the iOS AppStore. I’ve given credit to all the artists whose assets were used on my instagram page here:

Also tagged your insta account:)

Can we get enemy packs in this style?


work on it

yay! Thanks so much!


Quick Question how would I do the level design with these tiles... use a tilemap or place every single tile?

Great tiles, can I modify for adapting at my project?

Many tanks, Any and all modifications are permitted

Awesome tiles!

Hey are these 32x32 or 16x16? Thank you!

all are made in 16x16, with some larger decorations, such as 32x32 iron boxes, and wooden boards, but all tiles are set to be used in 16x16.

Thank you!!

Looks nice, is this going to be added to your Patreon page?

thanks you, yes, today will be available on patreon