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Fantasy Asset Pack.

This package contains assets created in pixel art, with a 16x16 pixel grid, with which it is possible to create different environments with this theme

The character in the demo image is not included in this package, and was not created by the artist responsible for the environment and tiles '' Anokolisa '', the link to the page of the character and responsible artist are below


the fully animated character was created by Artyom Brullov, and can be purchased separately by clicking HERE


All assets here are totally free for commercial use, studies or editing. Credits are optional but appreciated.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Anokolisa

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Anokolisa



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Legacy-Fantasy-VL.1 - High Forest.zip 1 MB


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And i have question... i look at u assets and some in 16x16 some in 32x32 u make something to leveling it? I thing when i use 16 and 32 together in one game have a mess... i say about this assets whats looking like this... and castle...

I'm working on a rework on this specific assets to correct this and transform everything into a standard 32x32, you can merge 16x16 tiles into 32x32 blocks without any problems in any way.

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Ok nice. And when u do this... people who buys u assets have its for free or discount, or normal price?

Im ask bicouse now i have from u:

High forest Assets Pack by Anokolisa 16x16

Kingdom Fortress Asset Pack by Anokolisa 16x16

Castle Prison Asset Pack by Anokolisa 16x16


Farm Assets 16x16 - Icons 24x24

all updates on the packs are free for those who already have


I can make game with this asset and sell it?


totally, you can use them however you want, for sale or edition.

Ohhh... good! U sell meybe character for people who can't patron u?

the characters are not yet available, but when they are they will be posted here in this store

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Marvelous! U make character to assets like this one? And when it be, what u thing? :P And another question... u sell farm asset u update for free witch new crops etc for buyers? And i can make all world with this one asset (FARM)?

currently the only character we have is for the farm, yes, any upgrade on the farm is free for those who bought it, and you can make a huge world with the farm's assets, which have cave assets included, and 3 enemies, the character being made now will be created for the sidescrolling assets and can be used in all of them.

Wow this is beautiful. So lush and natural


Are the clouds in the background included?


Sweet! There is a good chance I will be purchasing your packs when my budget renews. Thanks!

whats size? 32x32?


Oh man this is so amazing! Best forest asset pack I've ever seen.

Hello, That's some really nice work indeed. I think some of the green leaves we can see in the preview pictures are missing though. The ones under the ground level with a darker tone. Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck

thank you very much for letting me know, I will check immediately and add.


Wow.. this pack re-ignites my will to enjoy video games again like I did in my childhood, your artwork is incredibly adorable!! I love it!


It makes me very happy to know that, really thanks for the compliment, it made my day better.

Aw I'm glad, and you're very welcome :)


Love it!!!


I love it, I see myself using it in a future project.
The most beautiful forest pack I've found.