A downloadable asset pack


environment for games with assets and backgrounds, tiles created at 32x32 pixels

ll the assets here are totally free for commercial use and the like.

credits are optional but appreciated.

see more work on my patreon, 

patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Anokolisa


Final.zip 427 kB


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Hi Anokolisa, thanks for your great work. I am developing a game using your tile sets. Here is the free demo: https://tianhao-wang.itch.io/become-witch-the-story-of-lunaria

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Hello Anokolisa, I have just recently (4 days ago) purchased your tilesets and rly like them.
Unfortunately the graveyard package was not released back then, yet it is included in your bundle now.
Is there a way you can gift me this missing package or at least sell it with a bigger discount?

BTW: Is it possible to request specific tiles from you ?

Ey, can you send me an e-mail to "Anokolisa@gmail.com" ?

Sent u a mail. Looking forward to your reply 

Deleted 159 days ago

ey, send me an e-mail too


Wow, this is gorgeous!

Very nice.   I will be following you and looking for new packs.  Possibly interested in hiring for a commission later on.