A downloadable asset pack


All the assets here are totally free for commercial use and the like.

Credits are optional but appreciated.

---- Legacy Classic VL. I - Pack: HERE

---- Animated Main Character: HERE

Contains an enemy with:

  • Motion animation -- (4 Frames)
  • Death animation -- (4 Frames)

My twitter: https://twitter.com/Anokolisa

Enjoy and stay informed, new packages will be coming soon.


Legacy Classic VL.II - Tower.zip 554 kB


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Great stuff! Wondering if you have any plans for more enemies and bosses to match these sets? 

Yes, in the future 10 more enemies and 10 environments will be added

Hello, i want to buy this with credit card, but the option doesn't show. 
But i got the Classic Pack VL I with credit card.

hey, thank you very much for this information, you can try to make the purchase again now

Thanks, i got it today.
By the way, what is the color pallet that you use in this assets?

nes pallet

Oh, thanks ^^

will it be available for patreon too?

Legacy Classic VL.II - Completed