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Asset created based on the edited NES Palette, including themed environment with retro feel and limited color for nostalgic effect  

- important -

for this pack to continue to grow and receive many more updates, your feedback is essential, join our discord group on the - Creator's main page - and leave your opinion and suggestion for additions to this pack, most of the elements present here came from suggestions of members



This asset is only possible thanks to - PATREON - support, so this asset will receive exclusive content for patreon, between environments, enemies and exclusive heroes, chosen by patreon, so if you want to have access to this exclusive content, enter patreon


NES Legacy composes a series of assets focused on reproducing the arts of old games in pixel art more clearly, focused on developers who want to create their games with old style, but that have efficiency when playing on current monitors, with that, my objective with this asset is to create a mega package that has everything you need to create a game with a classic and nostalgic look


  • Starship
  • Decorative Props
  • 16x16 Background Tiles


  • Run
  • Idle
  • Death
  • Roll
  • Jump
  • Fire

NES classic currently has more than 30 environments and 20 monsters, in addition to 2 fully animated characters, you can see all this by clicking on the image below

NES - Complete Collection

Classic - Complete Edition

purchasing these assets grants you access to them and all future updates, and we are planning to add a lot to these assets, such as new enemies and unique characters for each one. 

 for feedback and suggestions, access the networks below  Discord Patreon Twitter

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GenreAction, Platformer, Shooter
Tags16-bit, 2D, 8-Bit, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pixel Art, Retro


Get this asset pack and 29 more for $30.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
20% Off
$3.00 $2.40 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.40 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Legacy Action Pack - 434 kB


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Tus assets son realmente fantásticos, eres un grandísimo artista del pixel art. Quería saber si sería posible añadir a los personajes una animación de subir escaleras. Creo que sería un extra muy importante y muy útil. También el poder disparar estando subido en la escalera. Todo esto permitiría diseñar escenas con mucha más riqueza y más posibilidades para la jugabilidad. Mil gracias de antemano. Saludos.

Gran idea, agregaré a la lista de actualizaciones de personajes, pronto lanzaré una versión separada con nuevas animaciones también.

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¡Gracias! Acabo de hacerme Patron ;) Por cierto, ¿estos assets van a estar disponibles en Patreon para descargar o es necesario comprarlos por aquí?

todos estarán disponibles de forma gratuita para patreons, además de un personaje exclusivo, el ninja

You're doing a great job with these assets.