A downloadable asset pack

a set of tiles in 32x32 to create several pre-assembled environments

- important -

so that this asset continues to grow, gaining more environments, textures and sprites in the future, it is important that you - RATE - it in the way you think is fair, this helps a lot in the development of the package

World atlas arose from the idea of uniting minecraft and terraria in the creation of a gigantic collection of edited textures to function as 32x32 platform tiles, creating an infinity of environments and easy manipulation of the tiles

World atlas will be formed by the community, the idea here is that you who are downloading this asset also send a texture or decorative idea to discord to help increase this package, with this we will constantly update the environments.

Current textures:

  • 3 Foliage with color and shape variations
  • Stones with and without ore
  • Mud with and without ore
  • Two types of trunk
  • Clouds tile
  • Boards tiles
  • Trunk Tile
  • Various props for environments
  • 2 backgrounds with 3 layers

Remembering, if you intend to download this pack, send a tile or prop suggestion to discord

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Tags32x32, biomes, Minecraft, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, terraria, Textures, Tileset, upgrades


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I can't think of anything to improve it. Can I use it in my game without interacting in the discord? Of course I will include its corresponding credit in a part thrown into my game:)


Can I use this sprites for my game?

Super cool!

Muy bonito.

I want Characters!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

An inspiring idea for a project! <3 How do I get to that Discord?

try clicking on the discord image at the bottom of the pages, say hi if everything goes well on discord


Thank you


Very cool! Thanks for sharing!


I'm glad you liked it, if you have any content suggestions for this asset let me know