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Love the art style and all the pack. Thank you for sharing this amazzing pack :D

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Amazing Art!!!

Anokolisa, I'm in college and I'm currently making a 2d platformer game for my final project. Can I use this asset of yours for my final project? I will definitely put credit to you.🙏




yes, you can

Thank you so much


Excellent resource pack, I will use it in my game, thank you very much!

I'm so grateful that I can get this asset for free. I hope I can donate it because I have a lot of money.

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Fantastic art style! I got the whole bundle with the other assets and if that doesn't inspire me to create new cool environments I don't know what will :)

Good job!

Edit: acabei de ver nos comentários que vc é BR também, bom demais ver a comunidade mandando bem e sendo reconhecida, abração! 

Hello Anokolisa !

Just wanted to mention there are missing tiles on the Hive tileset : the Wax collumns shown on the preview aren't included in the actual png image.
I'm designing a Hive level with my students and we kind of lack of details etc : is there a version of the picture where we can access it maybe ?

Best regards.

Amazing pack 10/10


Can you add a hit animation for the character please? i think this assets are amazing!!

This is literally one of the best free assets on Its so detailed and overall super beautiful. I will definitely be using this for my game!

What are the licenses for these art assets?

A tutorial points here and suggests it's "CC0 Universal 1.0" but on this page it just says "completely free to use". Confusingly it also says "Purchasing these assets grants you access to them".

is there a possible update for new characters like female mc?

one question what pixel art studio do you use for the character

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Slide animation would be too sick, but even as it is now, thanks for the great free resource 🥰


can we use this resource pack for fully published games?



are you planning to bring out the new update for this tileset sir?


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how is it not working, mine works normally, have u changed the pixel per unit to 16 ? 

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yes that result is normal, if u didnt click the slice button, just click the slice button here then u click the apply button the right corner of the sprite editor
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oh it is about the custom physics shape, u can look it up in unity documentation, it is in the sprite editor, it helps you create collision (when used with tilemap collider) based on the shape you set 

to your question, u can set the custom physics shape of the grass tile to nothing, so that those grass tiles won't have any collisions

if you have more questions we can discuss them in discord

Almost forgot to rate this. Used it for a class project. This asset pack is insane value!

GREAT!!!I like it very much.


While i havent used these just yet, i just wanted to thank you for these tiles. I can promise you, the sheer dedication to this pack hasnt gone unnoticed, and its thanks to people like you that game designers like myself can even get started making games. So thank you!

Can I have your email, I have something to discuss with you

Hi what is the size of the titles? i buy all bundle and using in my godot project, buts looks rare in 16 px

I really like your art style, are you also doing commissions?

Will you be making a male character also?


Друг это просто космос)

Mind if I modify, heavily modify or straight up rip apart the characters attack sprites, and also possible combine with different sprites I have to make attack animations for my character. also if I need to credit you does this sound right (these sprites were made by combining/ modifying sprites made by anokolisa and imanol_ibrahim)

Obrigado por compartilhar, ajudou muito

thank you so much

Thank you  for sharing this. It allowed me to feel successful part in my very first game jam.

Love this one! So beautiful and all you need to start a game!

will there be an update soon


can we modify downloaded assets?



thanks a lot, that was rapid


I really like the character size. It's a size that's hard to see lately. If enemy characters are added, I want to buy it.

Hey, just a heads-up that the rate link seems to not be working in this text:  

this asset will be completely and permanently free, but it is important that you -  RATE - it the way you think is fair, your rate is fundamental for this project and it is the only thing I will charge you

The rate link on the right hand side of the page works fine, though :)

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