A downloadable asset pack

includes an animated character, 3 monsters and over 600 sprites between props, backgrounds, and tiles completely free to use

- important -

this asset will be completely and permanently free, but it is important that you -  RATE - it the way you think is fair, your rate is fundamental for this project and it is the only thing I will charge you


This asset is only possible thanks to - PATREON - support, so this asset will receive exclusive content for patreon, between environments, enemies and exclusive heroes, chosen by patreon, so if you want to have access to this exclusive content, enter patreon


Legacy Fantasy - is a huge set of assets for creating fantasy platform environments, completely free for commercial use and editions, in constant expansion, this pack contains several tiles for different environments.

To increase the pack with new elements, feedback is essential, if you like the project and want to contribute with new ideas, enter discord


  • Forest Tiles
  • Ruins Tiles
  • Lake Tiles
  • Bees Nest Tiles
  • Cave Tiles
  • 5 Trees with 5 color variations
  • 2 Backgrounds with 2 layers and sky
  • Background elements


  • Variation of colors and shapes
  • icons for menu
  • bars and colors


  • Wild boar
    • Run
    • Walk
    • Idle
    • Hit
  • Snail
    • Walk
    • Hide
    • Appear
    • Die
  • Small Bee
    • Fly
    • Attack
    • Hit

this asset includes a character with the following animations for free:

  • Level 1 warrior character
    • Run (8 Frames)
    • Idle (4 Frames)
    • 2 Atack (8 Frames)
    • Start Jump (4 Frames)
    • Air Jump (8 Frames)
    • End Jump (4 Fames)
    • Die (8 Frames)

the character will be constantly updated with additions of new animations as well as the environment also receives new props and tiles, so if you have an animation idea leave a comment or join the discord group

We have a huge range of assets that work very well with high forest and here you can find some of them if you are interested:

- Sidescroller Complete Collection -

Legacy Vl.1

Purchasing these assets grants you access to them and all future updates, and we are planning to add a lot to these assets, such as new enemies and unique characters for each one.

For feedback and suggestions, access the networks below:

 Discord  Patreon  Twitter  Instagram

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Tags16x16, 2D, Backgrounds, Characters, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, Sprites, Tilemap, Tileset
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


Legacy-Fantasy - High Forest 2.0.zip

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Assets sensacional, muito legal mesmo e show de bola a iniciativa de deixa-lo gratuito, vou falar dele em meu canal no youtube em breve.

Caso também queira conhecer o meu trabalho segue o link do youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@MarcialLincoln

Opa, vlw mesmo cara, atualmente to procurando algumas parceria com alguns produtores de conteúdo pra criação de tutoriais com os assets, vlw mesmo pelo suporte.

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This is a good package. Quality is there and, obviously for free is a great deal. The 600+ sprites might technically be correct if you break everything down, but might give you the wrong impression since a single tree might be made of many sprites, for example.  Comes with a animated character, and three animated monsters, and some HUD graphics. Very happy with it. For free, this is amazing! Thank you Anokolisa!

estou querendo usar estes ativos, seria possível colocar a animação de andar na personagem?

I'm creating random pixelart towns in Unity2D - my code works with any tileset, but I thought this was a particularly nice one to use in the demo and show it off (I linked back to your page from the video description so others can find your work):


Wow ! Cool

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Hi there!It's a great work!

 I made a game with your game assets. You can play it here. I hope you have a good time!



hi mate, how you configure the sprite editor? i couldn't separate properly


You can refer to this course.


“Creating a tileset”

I hope it helps you.



Great looking game, Nice job!

Thanks for liking it!

Good Job man like ur asset

Great work !

Great asset. Well done!

Excellent, I like it very much, thank you for this great work.

Very cool asset.

Assume design and quality.

Would you consider adding more enemies?

yes, a new wave of updates is coming and the idea is to add at least 5 new enemies to the pack and some npcs

wow very good job !! ;)

Very good work! :)

Hello, how can I cut these pictures. I use Unity



As someone trying to make a pixel game, this feels like a godsend.


Hiring someone on Fiverr or Upwork would probably cost a lot buh it's freeee here


Sensacional mano, parabéns.. vou faze um vídeo com o seu asset e indicar para os meus inscritos, caso queira conhecer o meu canal segue o link: https://www.youtube.com/c/Marcial_Lincoln

oupa cara, vlw d+, fico muito feliz em saber que vai usar os assets, se tiver alguma outra coisa que você acha que pode ser util ou importante pra o desenvolvimento de uma demo, me avisa e entra la no discord.


I'm on phone rn so please tell me if you have the character in sprite sheet or as single sprite? Love your work :)




It`s beautiful!!!!



I can't believe this such a thing is free

Hello! This is an amazing assets. Can you share what pallet you use for this pack?

Of course, I'll add the palette to the files in the update tomorrow, as I didn't follow any specific palette, I'll try to create it based on the sprites

Thank you very much. It really helps me to combine my characters assets with this assets pack. Looking forward to it!

Top show

Nem todo herói usa capa 

Really great assets  you do 


Great! Thank you for update. Very nice animations. Something flying? Perhaps some water or scenery inside a cave/mine? Just suggestions.

thanks for the feedbacks, i'll add water as soon as possible and i'm already working on flying enemies

this too awesome!

Beautiful! Very vibrant and alive,  love it!

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Thanks to the author for his monstrous work and for making it free, this asset helped me a lot for my first game which is 100% free


I agree. This pack and the others from this author are AMAZING!
btw your game has password on it.

Wow this is beautiful. So lush and natural


Are the clouds in the background included?


Sweet! There is a good chance I will be purchasing your packs when my budget renews. Thanks!

whats size? 32x32?


Oh man this is so amazing! Best forest asset pack I've ever seen.

Hello, That's some really nice work indeed. I think some of the green leaves we can see in the preview pictures are missing though. The ones under the ground level with a darker tone. Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck

thank you very much for letting me know, I will check immediately and add.


Wow.. this pack re-ignites my will to enjoy video games again like I did in my childhood, your artwork is incredibly adorable!! I love it!


It makes me very happy to know that, really thanks for the compliment, it made my day better.

Aw I'm glad, and you're very welcome :)


Love it!!!


I love it, I see myself using it in a future project.
The most beautiful forest pack I've found.