A downloadable asset pack

+400 free game assets includes, themed environments, enemies and HUD based on old games using an edited nes palette

- important -

this asset will be completely and permanently free, but it is important that you - RATE  - it the way you think is fair, your rate is fundamental for this project and it is the only thing I will charge you

Classic Legacy composes a series of assets focused on reproducing the arts of old games in pixel art more clearly, focused on developers who want to create their games with old style, but that have efficiency when playing on current monitors, with that, my objective with this asset is to create a mega package that has everything you need to create a game with a classic and nostalgic look

what we currently have in the asset:

  • Environment
    • Village Assets
  • Enemy
    • Skeleton
      • Walk
      • Die
      • spinning projectile

Update - 08/1

  • New environment: home interiors

    • New tiles
    • Decorative furniture props
    • Church interior props

Future Updates

  • Creation of Village sewers
  • Church extension: cemetery (Done)
  • Church extension: dungeons
  • Adding new icons and items
  • New enemies

legacy classic currently has more than 20 environments and 20 monsters, in addition to 2 fully animated characters, you can see all this by clicking on the image below

legacy classic - full edition

Classic - Complete Edition

purchasing these assets grants you access to them and all future updates, and we are planning to add a lot to these assets, such as new enemies and unique characters for each one. 

 for feedback and suggestions, access the networks below

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Legacy Vania Pack - Village - Update 0.4.zip 905 kB

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Awesome style NES

Amazing as usual! I'm dying to get this set into a NES game some day.

Very nice job. do you intend to continue creating tiles for   Legacy Vania Pack or   Legacy Classic ? tx's

(1 edit) (+1)

These are awsome.I cant wait for the characters.Hopefully they have many animations :0


thank you so much for the support, we will have more than one character so far, and we will release new monsters and bosses for this package in the future, as well as items and icons