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Will you be adding more animations for the character like  dash, climbing ladders and crouching? Maybe a projectile attack?

Maybe another char thats male? And more enemies 

Hello. Do you work on order? I liked your work.

Is it possible to pay just for the background images?

Send an email to

Mmmmh, it's really cool tileset. Is it possible to have it in bigger size?

16x16 ou 32x32?


hello, first of all sorry for my english, i'm brazilian, well, how much would you charge to do an exclusive job for me?

ei, tambem sou brasileiro :), me envie um e-mail, podemos conversar melhor por lá.

mandei mensagem la, grato pela atenção :)

tbm sou :)

também, kkkk!


Its very nice :)

Are these available in high resolution?


thanks, they are made in pixel art, available in full size 1:1

Thanks a lot 🙏🏻