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The pack seems to be missing the icon set. None of the sprites in the image above the character image are included in the .zip file.

I LOVE this art style and I would like to see more of it! What is here is absolutely beautiful...but it is very bare bones (no up/down tool animations or animated water tiles for example). For the price, I would love to see it grow into something more fleshed out.

thank you very much for the feedback, probably the icons were left out of the folder in the final version, I will send a new version including these folders

very stardew valley.

I'm very glad to see the latest updates you sent. To be honest, I really need the updated content you introduced later. It will certainly be worth it if it can be steadily updated.


thank you very much, I hope you join discord and share what you think should be added to the package, this package will grow according to the demands of the developers, so if you need something specific, please share.


Does this come in a 48x48 tileset size?



tiles are based on 16x16  or multiple, items are in 32x32.

Thanks for your response.  We are making games out of lots of your tiles we already bought...

I don't understand your reply.  They are 16x16, I understand that but does that mean 32x32 and 48x48 are included?


it is possible to fit the tiles in order to create 48x48 tiles, but they were not made natively at that size. I'm glad my assets are being useful, I hope to be able to see your projects in the future

Is there any video showing the asset? or the character animations?

We are working to create something like that, thank you very much for the comment.


This reminds me of stardew valley! This is awesome!  

what is the native tile size for this set?

the tiles are 16x16 and multiples of that, the icons are 24x24 just like the basic ui, the examples were created at 400x400 pixels.