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Why no "Pay with card" option?

I believe that itch does not have this option due to the way of receiving payment by the creator "me", in that case you can contact itch, or send an email to me (

I’m debating on buying the legacy vania, legacy shooter 1 and 2, and the classic 1 and 2 bundles. I noticed that you are still adding onto them and was wondering if I buy them now will that give access to the new stuff you add to the packs or would I have to buy them separately?

only one more environment will be added to legacy cassic vl.2, the others are complete, with the exception of legacy shooter vl.2, which has not yet started, you can already buy these here without worry: -- Legacy Adventure, Legacy Action, Legacy Vania and Legacy Classic VL.2, 

Any environment added to the others must be purchased separately, for $ 1.50