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The art is fantastic and makes me want to make a GBA RPG!


ey, sorry for not answering your last comments, I will send an email with all the answers, yes, the tiles of this asset and the cave are in 16x16

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no problem :) im u Patron now :P hehehe

How much would you like for making an animated coin, sparkling and disappearing with a flash like you collect it in 16x16?

I send mail to u witch gifs...

Wow this art is incredible!


This tileset looks great, are you open for commissions. I want a castle tileset.

Please let me know.


ey, thank you very much, unfortunately and I'm no longer working with commissions, however I'm already working on a castle tile on top down for the next days.

Awesome, cant wait for it, I will definitely buy it.

Hello. A castle tileset is not released?

Nice Asset! I will be using this for a game jam!

This is lovely!  The texture of the leaves is especially good.