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Does this come in a 48x48 tileset size?



tiles are based on 16x16  or multiple, items are in 32x32.

Thanks for your response.  We are making games out of lots of your tiles we already bought...

I don't understand your reply.  They are 16x16, I understand that but does that mean 32x32 and 48x48 are included?


it is possible to fit the tiles in order to create 48x48 tiles, but they were not made natively at that size. I'm glad my assets are being useful, I hope to be able to see your projects in the future

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Ok somebody can told me in what program i can "give" clothes to character?

And u make more crops?

the characters were made in a way that you can edit in the pait to create your own clothes on the spritesheet, they work as an animated base model.

you can do this in any program that allows pixel editing

what is good program??? what u recomendet?

if you have access to aseprite it would be the top 1 of the recommendations, but you can also use krita

ok i buy aseprite... 

But I'm curious if you can draw clothes on one and draw on the rest, that's how it works?
And is it possible to download ready-made clothes to your character.

Is there any video showing the asset? or the character animations?

We are working to create something like that, thank you very much for the comment.


This reminds me of stardew valley! This is awesome!  

what is the native tile size for this set?

the tiles are 16x16 and multiples of that, the icons are 24x24 just like the basic ui, the examples were created at 400x400 pixels.