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Why is there no green liquid in the tiles, which is on the preview?

thank you very much for the feedback, I believe that this must have been left out in the sending, I will update the file right now and you can download it again with the liquid

Well thank you. But I also don't see the green bushes you are using in the preview. Locations look empty without these decorations.

Have been added now, thanks again

Really nice !

Really awesome!

Can we get the background seperated in layers for parallax scrolling? If so, is it possible to only these backgrounds

the background is already included in the files in 3 separate layers for parallax effect in the 'background' folder

How much does an exclusive drawing of such a tileset cost? Write to me, I will order constantly


you can send an email with more information to

Hello. You have beautiful art. Do you work on order?