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license to use? videogame commercial?

love the art, how to I access the actual sprites as assets for the hero's ?

Hey, fellow pixel artists here, just wanted to say I love the style of your heros and enemies. They are very clean looking, and very mature looking yet still have a slight cartoony (fun) feeling.

Also, really impressive dungeon and overworld tiles/sprites!

The art is very good, thank you a lot for making some of it free!

Is the wood block missing one? I couldn't find a universal color block in unity that had 4 sides without contact

Can you please add attack animations?

Nice job

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Good for game my engine tnx

This pack is so good it's unbelievable : OOO

i like!good!

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I just have a quick question. If I donate 10 USD for this pack I get the extras for free forever right?

If that's correct, why not add the additional assets as a pay-for option at 10 USD? Making it easier for people to just straight up buy premium artwork.

I think that will be easier for everyone who really likes this pack like myself.

I also like that approach and would totally buy.


Hello there, I'm looking for a artist for my game would you be interested?   If so what would you be working for?

Looking forward to extend version of enemies and gold, silver, bronze version of weapons! Freeloaders can have the basic free set with wooden weapons lol 

Excellent work! however, maybe include a bitmap guide to know where to place bitmaps for autotiles

Can you add a basic hero


if these characters were 4 directions, I think way more people would be interested. your art is great and you are appreciated. 

ey, thank you very much, I'm glad you liked the asset, unfortunately creating a character in 4 directions triples the work needed for creation, and my idea here is to create a pack that has a lot of variety and works in many projects, to create a lot of variation I I had to give up the directions unfortunately

It's awesome! Keep it up! BTW I also have no idea why this asset pack is still free

I wonder how this is still free, ahhahah


This is getting better and better and better, fast.

Nice work!

Your work is amazing!!!! I like your colors!!

One of the best assets pack!

The best 2D assets on by far

Awesome work, for real!

Is the  knight four directional?

no, the angle of the characters is only lateral, so I can work on more variations

No it's ok i was just asking incase i decide to make a dungeon crawler in the future

Your work is Awesome!

Pretty cool I was wondering when you would do top down assets .
Do you plan on doing 32x32 versions similar to your platformers just in this angle ?

you say top down in 32x32? yes, I have an asset that I have plans to migrate to 32x32 in top down soon, while the Pixel Crawler series will remain in a 16x16 environment with 32x32 characters

both things sound awesome ! 


These look wonderful, like all of your work.  However, I don't own Aseprite and cannot open the tiles.

Same for me. I'm hoping there will be a .png file of the assets added soon.


Hey. Hey. If you don't have Asespite, you can install LibreSprite, which is an open source fork in development. You can extract and process assets in it without any problems. :)


Thanks for the info.

ey, thanks a lot for the warning, I must have forgotten the file when I extract everything, I will solve this later today in the new update

actually the pnj file is available inside the "assets" folder

I only see "Tiles.aseprite" in that folder.

must be a previous version, I will upload a new one, sorry


Thanks!  These are great.