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I need almost all of the sprites in NES, SEGA , etc which are old computer devices!

Very good work, I love especially the high trees tiles.


I really feel bad for taking your art to use without any benefit for you Iam still really far from being ready to make games but if I ever make something You deserve a cut from any profit I make my dude

Awesome with  new tiles good job my friend anokolisa :) my next projects I will contact you


Thank you very much, of course, I'm always here if you need.

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One last question:

can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.



Yes you can

thank you very much I really appreciate that

Can i use them in a commercial game i will credit you

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yes course, no problem, keep an eye, these assets are being reworked and will have a much higher quality in a few days (and will continue free for use).


thank you very much. you are very kind

I love your assets, thanks so much I will credit you in my game.

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if you liked the package and want some extra to make your project much more special, or have some project in the drawer ready to be finished I'm here to help, just contact me:

free license for commercial use and other things.